Werkstoff GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3

Steel Material GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3 Data Sheet

Steel Material GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3 Data Sheet

The material DIN/EN-GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3 and its material properties can be viewed here on this page.

On this page you will find informations about material called GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3 (DIN/EN), as long as we have them.

GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3 Steel Material – (DIN/EN)

  • Chemical Analysis
  • Material Properties
  • Materials Group
  • Alternative International Names
  • Alternative International Names, Aliases as well as Equivalents

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Analysis: Chemical composition, mass fraction in percent (%) of GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3

Carbon (C%) Manganese (Mn%) Silicon (Si%) Phosphorus (P%) Sulfur (S%)
≤ 0,03 Min: 3,00 Max: 6,00 ≤ 1,00 0,025 0,01
Chrome (Cr%) Nickel (Ni%) Copper (Cu%) Molybdenum (Mo%) Aluminum (Al%)
Min: 20,0 Max: 22,0 Min: 14,0 Max: 17,0 Min: 3,00 Max: 3,50
Titanium (Ti%) Vanadium (V%) Niobium (Nb%) Tungsten (W%) Nitrogen (N%)
≤ 0,25 Min: 0,20 Max: 0,35
Tin (Sn%) Calcium (Ca%) Hydrogen (H%) antimony (Sb%) Arsenic (As%)
Beryllium (Be%) Bismuth (Bi%) Plumb (Pb%) Boron (B%) Cerium (Ce%)
Cobalt (Co%) Density Iron (Ferrum) (Fe%) Hafnium (Hf%) Lanthanum (La%)
Magnesium (Mg%) Oxygen (O%) Selenium (Se%) Tantalum (Ta%) Tellurium (Te%)
Hydrogen content (H ppm%) Yttrium (Y%) Zirconium (Zr%)

Material Group:

The material DIN/EN GX2CrNiMnMoNNb21-15-4-3 belongs to the following material group: Rust and acid resistant cast steels