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Over 900 different materials in all technically possible dimensions and material forms are available. Numerous qualities are available directly in our well stocked warehouse. Out-of-stock materials can be procured or produced at short notice via our international network.

We focus on high-quality material with appropriate documentation as an aviation-certified company. Our state-of-the-art machinery makes it possible to realize the required dimensions shortly. Benefit from the 25 years of experience of our certified company.

Pauly Stahlhandel, the specialist for unusual needs, the original.

Here you will find chemical analyzes and further information about many materials as well as the possibility of directly requesting the materials. This information is being continuously expanded. If the material you are looking for is not listed or if you require further information, we will surely find an adequate solution for you. We are looking forward to your contact.

Material-Nr. DescriptionDIN/ENInternational DesignationMaterial Group
0.6656moreGGL-NiCuCr 15 6 3F 41001
0.6660moreGGL-NiCr 20 2F 41002
0.6661moreGGL-NiCr 20 3F 41003
0.6667moreGGL-NiSiCr 20 5 3
0.6676moreGGL-NiCr 30 3F 41004
0.6680moreGGL-NiSiCr 30 5 5F 41005
0.7661moreGGG-NiCr 20 3F 43001
0.7665moreGGG-NiSiCr 20 5 2
0.7677moreGGG-NiCr 30 1F 43004
0.7679moreGGG-NiSiCr 30 5 2
0.9610moreG-X 300 NiMo 3 Mg
1.0009moreUnalloyed structural steels
1.0010moreC 8 DD 9Unalloyed structural steels
1.0012moreD 12-2Unalloyed structural steels
1.0021moreS 240 GPStSP 37Unalloyed structural steels
1.0023moreS 270 GPStSP 45Unalloyed structural steels
1.0026moreS195TL 195Unalloyed structural steels
1.0028moreS 205 G 1TUst 34-2Unalloyed structural steels
1.0030moreSt 00Unalloyed structural steels
1.0031moreE 190Unalloyed structural steels
1.0032moreS 205 GTSt 34-21010G10100Unalloyed structural steels
1.0033moreE 155Unalloyed structural steels
1.0034moreE 195RSt 34-21008G10080K 02502Unalloyed structural steels
1.0035moreS 185St 33Unalloyed structural steels
1.0036moreS 235 JRG 1Ust 37-2S 235 JRUnalloyed structural steels